”I have a mission. I sincerely believe that together we can make the world more beautiful.”

Meiny Prins

I’m Meiny, an entrepreneur with a story.

My name is Meiny Prins. I’m a schoolteacher, a designer, an entrepreneur. Three selves that made me what I am today: an entrepreneur with a story.

My story? That’s the story of the Netherlands as the greenest city in the world, the Sustainable Urban Delta as a new business model for the Netherlands. My stage? The world!

And I have a personal mission. I sincerely believe that together we can make the world more beautiful. And that I can also make a personal contribution to that. We owe it to our children. And our children’s children. Because as things stand, the situation is not good!

But the realization that things are not going well is not enough in itself. The turning point will come when we realize that doing nothing will ultimately cost more money than investing in a new, sustainable economy. And that tipping point is here now.

On the Sustainable Urban Delta website, I have collected a number of outstanding examples. Companies and projects that showcase all that we can already contribute to making the world’s major metropolises more sustainable. Cities that are all dealing with the same challenges in terms of water, food, energy and mobility. We have the solutions and the knowledge.

The Netherlands as a whole can be seen as a single major reference project for everything we have to offer.

But there is more to share! In addition to all these great reference projects, I also want to share my own experiences. Because I hope that they can inspire you. I hope they will serve as an example for you as a entrepreneur who is just starting out, or as an entrepreneur who wants to be part of the great changes taking place. Or if you want to be that change yourself!

I invite you to read my story. And to share it. Thank you.